In today’s uncertain times it’s important to be prepared. With the frequency and severity of natural disasters on the rise all around the world, it’s just good sense to have a backup plan in mind. A 72 hour food kit is a simple and inexpensive way to ensure access to nutritious and tasty food in the event of a natural disaster.The kit comes with 16 full meals designed to provide all the nutrition needed for a full grown adult. These meals are storage safe and rated for 25 years. Guarantee access to adequate nutrition even in difficult times for years to come. They are small and easy to store or to bring along on a trip as an emergency food source, making them quite convenient. Toss them in the pantry or the cellar and forget about them for now; when the time comes, they’ll be there. Their specially designed disaster proof packaging ensures that these emergency meals will not be destroyed in the event of a serious storm or other event.

Most food, even non-perishable items like canned vegetables and dried goods, only has a shelf life of between two and four years. This makes it an impractical solution for storing emergency rations, as it must be consumed and replaced every few years. In addition it often comes in packaging that is not practical for emergency storage, as natural disasters often come equipped with floods and other destructive measures that can rip through conventional packaging in no time flat. Long term emergency rations can be stored for decades, meaning they can be put away for later without concern as to whether they will still be good.

Putting food away for a disaster scenario is not the only circumstance under which food kits come in handy. They are also useful for campers and through hikers, being light enough to put in a pack and containing adequate nutrition to accommodate the unique needs of a long distance hiker. The same protective packaging that keeps food safe from floods and storms keeps it from being damaged in a pack should inclement weather conditions arise. It includes everything necessary to provide a healthy, delicious meal with no need for carrying extra provisions. For a longer trip, just purchase extra kits.

Emergency food kits can be bought online in any quantity. Why not stock up now while it’s easy and avoid worrying about food during any upcoming emergency scenarios? Visit 72 hour food kit to check out what’s included in the 72 hour food kit and place an order today.